Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week Forty-six

WEEK FORTY-SIX May 19, 2014

Sister H had her appointment with the cardiologist and learned she now needs to have a nuclear test in a couple of weeks. At least we are giving the doctor out here something to do.

Met with the Four Family and discussed the chapter in his book entitled spiritual warfare. Brother Four also agreed to lead our Bible study discussion in two weeks. on the 22nd. Also had a good discussion with the Fifty-five Family in the preparation to attend the temple. Met with a wonderful couple in the Aliso Creek ward to learn procedures at the Newport Beach temple for living ordinances.

Brother Forty-two sent me a text asking about Genesis 50:33 which surprised me as there is no such verse in Genesis. Then it dawned on me that he is referring to the Inspired Translation of Joseph Smith. I guess you would have to leave it to a minister to come up with that. I shared it was quite a remarkable prophecy of Joseph concerning the Book of Mormon, the Prophet Joseph Smith and restoration of the Gospel, and how God himself brings to pass his purposes. He said something to Sister H as we were leaving, “Before I knew just a little about Mormon doctrine, but from Dr. Haddock I know a great deal.”

Received a note from one of our granddaughter that brought tears to our eyes, she wrote of going to the temple once a week, “I feel so different there, I feel safe from temptation, and I feel the Spirit testify of the work every time.”

Received a text from our daughter asking us if we were having any trouble from the fires. We didn’t even know there were fires in north county San Diego, close to where we used to live. This mission business has one largely out of touch. But the next morning as we got up to take our daily walk we didn’t make 50 feet before we turned around with the smoke so thick we couldn’t breathe.

Received word this week that my cousin had passed away with complications from diabetes. He has had a rough road so our inability to be there was tempered by the thoughts of what he has gone through.

Meeting with Brother Forty-two later in the week a very busy, congested, and noisy Panera Bread store in Irvine. We had a good, and apparently a lively, discussion about the Savior and read together Alma 13 from my Whirlwind Tour of the Book of Mormon to get him reading that sacred volume. As we neared the end of our discussion at young adult Korean American, she came from Korea to American when she was six, came up. “Excuse me, I couldn’t help overhearing, did you say that Jesus didn’t come to earth in glory but acquired his glory after he was here.” I assured her that was not the case that we believed Christ was the Son of God, was God himself before he condescended to come to earth, and following the atonement was resurrected gloriously. “Who are you and why are you talking together?” We told her that we were friends discussion the gospel of Jesus Christ. When she saw the Book of Mormon she got real excited, “Are you Mormon?” I told her that I was. “That is a terrible book. God said he wasn’t going to give us anymore scripture.” Is that right, I said, where did he say that? Are you referring to the remark made in Deuteronomy or Revelation? It the remark means what you say it does, then everything after Deuteronomy needs to be discarded. “You are just trying to confuse things. No one needs another book?” Does God not love us as much as he did those who came before? Is it possible that we don’t need direction from God today? “Today God speaks to us individually. There is no need for a church. An apostle is someone who believes only. Even baptism isn’t necessary—just belief in Christ.” Then she said, “You don’t even believe in Christ?” At that point the minister reached across the table and fingered my plaque and asked “Doesn’t this say The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?” Then he pointed to the Book of Mormon, “It reads right here another witness of Jesus Christ.” “But,” she asserted, “there is a great divide between what you believe about Christ and what Christianity believes.” I answered I didn’t believe so. “How can you say that?” Said I, “Because there isn’t a great divide. We believe that all are saved through the grace of Christ, that he is the Messiah and only in and through him can one obtain salvation.” Here comment then, “Why?” Why what I asked. “You have to prove there is not a great divide. I don’t. I don’t know enough about Mormon teachings.” I told her it was very difficult to prove a negative, that she was misinformed about our beliefs. “Then,” said she “I believe everything the Bible says and there is nothing more. Do you think your Book of Mormon is consistent with the Bible?” I asked, “Let me ask you a question first, do you believe the Bible is consistent with itself?” “Yes,” she said.  “Then,” said I, “when we read in Exodus 33:11 that Moses spoke with God “face to face” how do you reconcile that with a few verses later in verse 20, “there shall no man see me and live?” She said, “That is just an exception.” “In that case then, according to your definition, the Book of Mormon and the Bible are entirely consistent with one another.” She made it clear she didn’t believe a thing I was telling her and had no interest in learning more even refusing to take a card until Jan shamed her into doing so.

We had a wonderful meeting with Twenty-one family who were pleased to learn we could keep meeting with them after he receives the Melchizedec Priesthood and they are sealed in the temple. The next day we attended their daughter’s dance recital at Cal Elite Kids. The owner came by calling us Elder and Sister and then returned later to tell us she and her husband were members of the Church and alumni of BYU.

Jan and I took by some popsicles to the Two family this week in our 3-4 days of triple digit heat. Thought we were going to melt ourselves. Received a call from them earlier in the week to stop by at the gate where they had some fresh watermelon cut up to relieve our heat exhaustion.

Attended the Lake Forest Ward Council just as the PEC was concluding as the Bishop said, “Speaking of the Haddocks, here they are.” We learned that he had just asked the EQ and HPGL to put a list together of people we could visit as “the Haddock’s seem to get in when others can’t.” We will see.

Our granddaughter Whitney wanted us to see what our plaque looked like hanging in the Edgemont 3rd Ward chapel so she had her mom take a picture and send it to us. We had not seen it before we left so this was our first time. They also sent a picture of our oldest granddaughter graduating from Seminary. All the boys in the picture were from my first Deacon's Quorum and Scout Troop. One of whom just received his mission call to Liberia, Africa.

In meeting with Brother Six Sister H asked, “Well what do we need to do for you to get baptized?” He had a puzzled look on his face. I then told him that the Lord had told us when we finished with the temple preparation I was to ask him, “What do we need to do for you to receive these blessings?” I told him we wanted him to think about that question as we will be asking it soon.

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