Monday, May 5, 2014

Week Forty-One

WEEK FORTY-ONE April 14, 2014

One of Kelly’s daughters was invited to the prom at Timpview (they have four daughters) so we both smiled when we saw a T-shirt the other day which read in big letters on the front, DADD. Underneath was written “Dad's against Daughters Dating.” On the back it read. “Shoot the first one. Word will get around.” I think I remember feeling that way as our daughters were into their teenage years.

While belaboring the week before what to do with Tuesday and Wednesday scheduled meetings with our family in town, all four appointments scheduled those days called and canceled their appointments for various reasons. To which Sister H said to me, "See, I told you we were supposed to be with our family those days."  To which one of the office senior missionaries said, “Only the righteous get such blessings!!!!!!” We were able to visit the 2 and 15 families with our family who responded “What a wonderful family.”  

We called the families we are working with and encouraged each to watch on the new video, “Because of Him” about our Savior. Waiting for Sister H in a Doctor’s office I spoke to a sister who then told me she used to be a member of the church and her husband walked off and left her and the children fourteen years ago. I offered the card to her and told of the video. She said to me, “I know everything there is to know about that church. I was even a witness in the temple once. I probably could have written that video myself.” I interjected that the video was not about the church but the life of Christ whereupon she thrust the card back into my shirt pocket defiantly saying, “Well, I’m not going to watch it so you can have this back,” and stormed out of the office.

Now I admit the problem here may be the presenter or the presentation because Sister H delivered a card to the receptionist as we arrived along with the invitation to view the video and her response was appreciative and a memory of attending The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with her grandmother many years ago.

Again had many instances sharing the reading of the Book of Mormon with the Two family, both the father and the eldest son. The father noting, “I have been really enjoying the true words spoken in it.” We were able to research about thirty names on his family history and he wrote, “I’ve been thinking about all those names of my family you got for me. Which I greatly appreciate. I want to do the temple work for them as soon as reasonably possible.” We set up an appointment to come by and get the family signed up to family search and get started.

On our P-day we drove to Solana Beach and had lunch with two families from our old Encinitas Ward at Fidel’s. We had a grand time sharing memories and news.

The eldest son of the Two family asked for us to pray for him and some special placement testing he is undertaking at school. Nice to see a new convert availing himself of the blessings of the Lord in his scholarly pursuits.

Took my two oldest granddaughters with me tonight as a replacement for Sister H to our Bible Study class in the Aliso Creek Ward. I was making a presentation on grace with some assignments I had given to the young elders and young sisters. Both our granddaughters participated well and fit right in. Following I got a call from Brother Robinson concerning “what a light your granddaughters brought to the meeting. It was felt as they walked in the door. They were so open and willing to participate and share comments. You have to be very proud of them.” Which we are. They were terrific. At one point Mariah pointed out they were using a set of “grandpa’s scriptures” which had some notes they wanted to share about how Section 93 of the Doctrine and Covenants fit the subject we were discussing. They easily engaged with one of our investigators as well as a couple of the new members. It was good to have them along and hopeful it gave them a taste of something they may want to pursue as they get older after having been missionary companions with their grandfather.

Sister H had me rescue a pot for cooking spaghetti that she spied in the dumpster but couldn’t reach. Missionary senior couples dumpster diving. This is what it has come to.

We also went to the Mormon Battalion visiting center in Old Town in San Diego with the family before they left. We tried to have lunch at Las Olas on the Cardiff Strand but it was packed with a forty-five minute wait. So we went to Roberto’s in Leucadia.

Our week all too soon drew to close this morning. We had an easy morning visiting and each though they had to sleep on the floor in our tiny apartment of nearly 600 square feet expressed their delight about staying with us instead of a motel. They left about 11 a.m. while Jan and I remained in a fog, instantly feeling terribly alone and un-missionary like. We prayed together to get quickly back into missionary mode.

Sunday during our temple preparation class Sister Fifty-two questioned whether Satan was tempting us when we feel dark or depressed and if allowing depression to settle in on us we are allowing Satan into our lives. We assured her no in both cases. Her son is terrible depressed at the moment which is adversely affecting her as well.

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