Monday, September 30, 2013

Week Thirteen

WEEK THIRTEEN September 30, 2013

Jan has been having some difficulty with pain behind her right knee for several weeks not and this week she began physical therapy to relieve the problem which appears to be centered around where both the calf muscle and the hamstring attach behind the knee. Hopefully this will resolve the problem.

While waiting for Jan’s session to end I continued my reading of Brad Wilcox’ book, “The Continuous Atonement” in preparation for a new assignment. While pondering what I had read I was impressed to visit with a non-member family the elders have been teaching, the Fifteen family, and share a conversion experience a fellow from Mexico told me during my Spanish immersion week at the MTC, three months ago. I told the Lord I don’t remember the story and if I was to give it He would have to bring a lot to my memory. The answer seemed to be, just open your mouth and begin. So I texted the elders to get the families address.

Sister Two called and asked if she could line us up with the Sixteen Family. They have two sons coming up for baptism, their father is a recent convert, and said she, “You were so helpful in assisting our son in preparation for his baptism and my husband as well that I think you would be a great blessing to this family.” We consented readily and were able to meet with the Sixteen family and teach their twin boys about baptism and the sort of questions a bishop would ask. We have a return visit coming up next week.

We also visited with the Fifteen family and got better acquainted and set up an appointment with them for next week as well as the Twelve family. Hopefully we will be quite busy next week. On Thursday this week had our best visit day yet, meeting with four different families.

Went to dinner at the King Fish House in Laguna Hills with the Four family who paid us a nice compliment, “We hope when we are your age people will notice the same goodness, spirit and special experiences in us as we do in you.” Also had dinner this week with nephew Nick Haddock, his wife Kim and family. Sure is nice to have family around during a mission. Had dinner with a member family who invited Nick and Kim and family too.

Spent a good part of one day this week, picking up 13 Chevy Cruze automobiles for the mission from the dealer in Santa Ana. Almost got clocked by a white van who decided my lane was too inviting whether I was in it or not and just started moving over.

Attended the baptism of the Seventeen family that the Sister Missionaries have been teaching. Apparently she has some needs that a Senior Couple may be able to assist in and following the baptism Jan and I spoke with her offering to be of help and secured an appointment for next week.

I was fortunately asked to teach the Gospel Essentials class in the Aliso Creek Ward this week on the gathering of Israel. Which followed an excellent program on the 5th Sunday on the Ward adoption of the hastening the work principles of 23 June. The ward members seemed to universally approve of those principles so it should be interesting to see what happens in the coming months.

We had another discussion with the Six family spending a couple of hours on 2 Nephi 31 and the baptism of the Savior and the same needed for all of us. It looks as if we have someone who believes everything stated therein yet is unwilling to rush to the font to “fulfill all righteousness.” I told Jan I have never seen anything like it.

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