Monday, September 23, 2013

Week Eleven

WEEK ELEVEN September 16, 2013

Well the Lord has been protecting us. This week I unlocked our apartment door then stepped aside to allow Jan to enter first. Shut the garage and locked the door. The next morning I couldn’t find my keys anywhere. So I went to the front door which had been left unlocked all night and there in the outside lock were my keys dangling from the lock.

Attended a FHE ward picnic and got to meet an investigator family, the Fifteen family. The husband has not shown the same interest as the wife nor attended church yet. As we spoke he mentioned a family name and I remarked I only knew one person with that name and gave him the name telling him the fellow had set up our phones at the plant in Orem. “That’s my cousin,” he exclaimed. Another connection that hopefully will prove useful. Had a long talk with the wife who wondered just what senior missionaries do.

We stopped by in the afternoon to visit a sister who was indifferent if not cold on our first encounter. She was to have shoulder surgery and Jan suggested we purchase an exercise stress ball like I used to help her with her rehabilitation. I had prepared quite a bit of family history for her. When we arrived she was outside and as we walked up quickly told us she had no time to visit but had to pick her grandson up from school. We presented her with the ball, telling her how to use it. I she squeezed it she said, “Oh I can feel in my shoulder.” Then gave her the family history, which she clasped and gave Jan a big hug. We’re thinking there is a possibility she will meet with us next time.

At invitation of the MP, along with the mission finance man and first counselor Dave Ellis, attending a briefing from Salt Lake on a new missionary resource booklet for distribution in all English speaking missions, entitled “Adjusting to Missionary Life.” So I obtained a copy in advance with permission of the MP and devoured it over several days, making it my own. The booklet was prepared to help missionaries handle and deal with stress. Following I shared my suggestions on how to implement the same along with these thoughts: 1) Make sure we do it in a way that avoids a stigma in the mission for using and following the guidelines set forth in the booklet which could be solved by using the booklet with all missionaries; 2) selling the booklet and its function as using their missions to develop the patterns for how to deal with problems through their lives; 3) additionally teaching them how to use the Atonement and take hold of the Savior’s outstretched arm, i. e. how to apply the atonement to their own lives.

It seems to be there are skills to be learned during a mission that will bode well for them eternally and the mission offers rich opportunities for practice in a sacred protected environment that is unique, teaching them how to truly come unto Christ with a transfer of their burdens to Him. Thus I suggested to the MP the initial focus should be positive and powerful, centered on what Christ can do for them if they come to Him and offer up all their burdens with the booklet being a companion to assist them with skills and practices that will prove helpful in throughout their mortal journey. He asked me to put together a presentation as an introduction to all new incoming missionaries that introduces them to the booklet, which I have done in outline form and submitted to him.

Walking through Ralph’s market when a fellow hollers at me, “Hey, is anyone working behind the fish counter tonight?” I replied that I didn’t work here to which he said noticing my slacks, white shirt and tie, “You look great though.”

We have been visiting families sharing with them the outline for a Family Mission Plan based on the idea that this is their plan and should be prayerfully developed on their own. We have received very warm receptions. The theme being an application of the parable of the ten talents, with the talents representing the gifts of the spirit we enjoy with membership in the church and if we just bury them to make sure they are lost, there is no way those blessing can be multiplied throughout the world. So the idea we present is that the “invite” others to enjoy those same spiritual gifts they enjoy for the Savior not only gave everything for them, but also gave everything for those they encounter in their walk of life.

Presented to the Six family the following pattern to bless their marriage:

1.       Find a quiet time each day, when you are alone, and pray out loud to Heavenly Father, listening inside yourself for ideas, words, sentences, thoughts and especially the peaceful feeling inside your heart that comes as if the Spirit of God went inside of you and gave your spirit a warm hug.

2.       Pray vocally as husband and wife each day while kneeling together, before you go to bed, sharing with Heavenly Father those things that are of concern to your marriage and your family.

Spent considerable time with Brother Six preparing him to confer the Aaronic Priesthood upon his son and ordain him to the office of a Deacon. When the time came the father did it masterfully with the counselor in the bishopric commenting with great surprise in his voice, “Brother Six, you did that like a seasoned veteran.” Made me think as a senior couple that is one thing we can do for new converts, provide a kind of mentor that they don’t have without family or parents in the gospel to enlighten, love and assist them. I was truly proud of him. Even the blessing was thoughtful and full of meaning and spirit. What a blessing for a son to receive the priesthood from his father and to have it done flawlessly. Sent a letter to the son, as a grandfather might, pointing out his strengths and suggesting blessings that may await him in the future

Jan has been having some pain behind her right knee. They have ruled out a blood clot and structural damage to her knee replacement so the ortho doc has suggested she undergo four weeks of physical therapy and see if it is some form of hamstring tendonitis.

We had given a copy of “True to the Faith” to the Six family and during the week her sister called with a question about “Mormon belief.” Said she, “I was able to go right to the book and read it to her. We had our fifth discussion on temple preparation with them this week.

Also met with the One family and discussed in detail the apostasy. Interestingly the non-member in the family felt great about it, the member with many questions.

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