Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week Three


Connections: A new missionary came into our district, Elder McGary, from Alpine, Utah a friend of our nephew Austin McChesney while there were in Middle School together. Elder Litchfield was the executive secretary to Bishop Keith Hilbig in Palos Verdes. Keith was a classmate of mine at Duke University. At an In-n-Out ran into Bennett, a student of Steve Castle, chemistry professor at BYU, who is our neighbor right across the street from us. Learned the President Sterling Brennan was nephew Brent McChesney’s bishop at BYU. Shopping at Target for a few items me were mission a lady rounded the corner of an aisle and said, “Elder Haddock from Walnut.” Turns out she is Karen Kimball, married to David Kimball, son of Ralph and Nedra Kimball, our bishop in Walnut, California and the family we chose to model ours after. She said that Nedra had asked her to be on the lookout for us.

We also met the Three family this week, she a drop out from previous missionaries and he never interested or willing to listen. He works construction during the day and coaches baseball in the evening so we had a lot to talk about. She later told the sister missionaries, “he really hit it off with Elder Haddock and even asked for them to come back.” She has some migraine and brain tumor issues and I had asked him to be present when we reviewed the discussion so he could read for her which he agreed to do.

The Four family are a couple from back in my mission area in Baltimore giving me the opportunity to use some of my Baltimorese language so we again had much to talk about. She is a member and he an evangelical who sees no reason to affiliate with any “church.” We have scheduled a discussion with them this coming Sunday.

The Five family is a single gentlemen in his 50s who had met the young missionaries as he was out walking. They had one discussion but he deferred anything further. We did get him to a SS class last Sunday and got him started on Family History. During the week I did some research and found a couple more generations for him and some interesting facts. So I called and made arrangements to email that to him and he wants to take us to dinner to pay back for the assistance.  We’re hopeful we can direct him back to the missionaries for further discussions.

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