Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week Four

WEEK FOUR July 29, 2013

Missed another connection that I forgot to include. The EQ President of the Lake Forest Ward is Andrew Kay, son of Allen Kay, whose family started Non-Linear Systems that became KayPro Computers. Andrew called his dad in Utah when he saw my name and remembers both my dad and mom who worked at KayPro.  I thought I was talking to Allen and couldn’t make the adjustment to his age. Fortunately Andrew cleared it up for me and introduced me to his son later in the day at church. He promised to get me a list of the Prospective Elders in the Ward of which there was a considerable number. Turned out to be about 40 but in the other ward we are assigned to well over 100.

Later in the week we had a meeting with the Ward Mission Leader in the Lake Forest Ward and the missionaries assigned to that ward. We reviewed a number of families who the missionaries felt we might be able to reignite with a visit from we “seasoned missionaries.”

Wednesday we met with the WML in the Alisos Creek ward at El Cholo and he shared his feeling that he would like to see us concentrate on family history with members and investigators. So the next day we traveled to the Orange Family History Center to take a tour and get acclimatized with their operation.

Our meeting with the Two family was postponed as the husband had to work but he called and said the talk by Elder Theodore M. Burton that I had given to him was just want he needed and answered all his questions. He said he was looking forward to getting together with us again.

Friday we picked up the missionaries and met with the Five family again at the Church with a Sister Cheri Haggard the stake and ward FH leaders in Alisos Creek. There were so many family history questions never really got into the discussion the elders wanted to give. Jan wondered if they really had any interest in the Church other than family history. We shall see.

The stake president has a zone wide breakfast each Saturday following transfers, so we again picked up the AC elders for that this morning. The Stake President asked a number of questions, recorded notes as to the work of his seventies and bishops and I noticed immediately got on the telephone to follow up on the items that were raised.

We attended the Stake 24th celebration for a bit and visited with a number of member and received some more names of people to visit. So far our visits have yielded not much more than tracting did in my earlier missions. No one is ever home no matter what time of day we come by. We need a new approach. I’m thinking of calling for appointments even though we were told that doesn’t work.

We have encountered some difficulty in making the medical insurance transfer from Utah to her and getting Jan lined up with the proper doctors for her regular eye exams. Seems we are spending hours on the telephone trying to get things sorted out. We were able to arrange one appointment this week for at least an eye exam for correcting her glasses.

It being the 4th Sunday we were back in Alisos Creek and visited with some families following the block.

On P-day we enjoyed a lunch, at El Cholo, (Jan is coming to the conclusion that we have had enough of El Cholo) with Greg Dyer who is practicing law in the area, another connection for me as I served as his bishop both in Encinitas and BYU 3rd Wards. It was good to catch up with him.

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