Monday, August 11, 2014

Week Fifty-six

WEEK FIFTY-SIX   July 28, 2014

We got to play hokey much of this week with one of our daughters and her family in Encinitas at the beach. Were able to spend a few days frolicking in the ocean with them and hearing about all that has been going on in their lives this past year. Everyone has grown so I think we were both surprised.  One grandson has missed us the most of anyone. When we had only been out a few months he called and said, “Granny, you said you were coming back and you have been gone a long time. You need to come back. I miss you.” During a nice swim in the ocean one morning he and I shared a tender moment when he asked, “Grandpa, can we have some me time. Just me and grandpa.” I told him yes and we spent about an hour swimming together. A couple of years ago he wouldn’t even get near a wave and now he was diving through them with me and doing backflips into the breakers along with me. We had a great time together

The Two family came down to Encinitas and we were able to have dinner with their family and ours. Both brother and sister Two were raised in Encinitas. So we were able to visit respective homes and show them the chapel on Lake Avenue which they were completely impressed with. Sister Two wrote: “Such a nice family. Thanks so much for thinking to invite us.” Brother Two: “It was special to meet your family. We all had a blast! When the lord made Encinitas he infused some special charm or something there! It was a lot of fun seeing it with you and seeing your house and home ward.

Apparently while we were in Encinitas for a reason for a substation in Irvine blew while we were away, shutting down power for 9,000 customers including our apartment unit Brittan Apartments. So we missed all the hubbub.

We were able to stop by and visit members of the Cardiff Ward who were having a family home evening at Moonlight Beach. Were able to share a number of stories and revisit friends for our wonderful days in Encinitas. Still feels like home to me. One of the brothers had taken over being the home teacher for a sister when I left. The sister had been in the ward forever and I had been her bishop as well. A couple of bishops later I received word she wanted her name removed from the records of the church so I was asked to go visit with her. She saw me through the screen door and shouted, “Bishop Haddock. Come in. Come in.” She ushered me into her living room and we visited. After a while I asked her about this letter she had written the bishop. She said she was attending the Lutheran church with friends, it was a social decision. Well because of our friendship I was able to talk her out of her intended action and became her home teacher instead. So I was able to be there for her when her husband committed suicide years later. She was the former chef for the Central School and shared many recipes with Jan over the years. Some years after we left, her daughter was going through a divorce in Escondido but was at the home one day when this brother was visiting and expressed interest in learning about the church. So he set her up with the missionaries in Escondido. Later he learned she had been baptized. Then she came to live with her mother and was able to care for her in last days. Also she has completed all the temple work for her mother. What a nice ending to the story.

A new home teacher for the Four family was assigned and accepted our invitation to come by with us when we had our bible study class. He and his son will do a great job with this family. I believe the Lord called the exact right combination to be their home teachers. I sent the WML a note to do what he can to assure that assignment is not changed too soon.

The son of the Two family texted me, “I read 3rd Nephi Chapter 17. It was great. It talked about Jesus Christ healing the sick and afflicted of any kind of disease. They kissed Jesus feet bathing them in tears. Jesus asked if the kids could come around him. In the sky the heavens opened with Angels coming down as it was in the midst of fire. They ministered unto them. My favorite part was when Jesus healed the sick and afflicted and when the Angels came out of Heaven. Great chapter.”

We had to do a little long distance scrambling as Sister H as the trustee of her parents estate had to pull together a pile of documents to sell the remaining asset, a home in Mesa, Arizona.

Received a request from Brother Two to pray for a co-workers daughter who was undergoing spine surgery including putting a titanium rod in her spine I believe. I responded that we did and we drove off the highway immediately to stop and offer a prayer of faith in the family’s behalf.

Brother Twenty-One sent us an invitation to come to the Orange County Fair and see him playing the drums with a rock band on next week which we accepted. When we first got acquainted with them and got them to church I introduced them to a lead guitarist and singer who once had his band which toured Europe. When he finally had a chance to hear brother Twenty-One on the drums he gushed to me, “He has mad skills.” Which I am given to understand is a good thing.

Since we didn’t have a afternoon meeting with the Aliso Creek ward this week, we were able to meet with the Six family at 2 p.m., with their meeting block concluding at 1 p.m. So they invited us over for his own version of McMuffins. They were delicious and I asked if we could made this a regular occurrence. We shared a short video on the plan of salvation to introduce the gospel to his daughter which seemed to be received well.

Our #10 family passed away this week of natural causes. Got ready for bed, laid down, turned on the TV and never woke up. It was quite a shock for the ward as she was vibrant and energetic to the end. Sister Six stepped in and was a real blessing to the family who are all out of town. During the past month we have had 3 individuals pass away we have worked with here on our mission and learned of another three at home. I guess we are sensing our age.

Received a surprise request from Brother Forty-Two who had accepted a pastorate in New York to meet with me next week. He asked, “Which is more authoritative written Scripture or living prophet?” I replied, “Seems to me if God chooses to say something today it is to clarify what he previously said and takes precedence over what he revealed previously. Otherwise there is no reason to speak today if we already have his word on the matter at hand. When he has spoken his expectation is that we will follow his command without his needing to tell it again and again.”

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